On Wednesday we first divided into groups and told the members of our groups some words in our language. Then we went into some classrooms where the students from the Okan class were. We all taught them a few useful words in our language like we practiced before. Then we sat at the desks, two students from the Erasmus program and two from the Okan class. We played this game called speed dating. There were cards with questions on them and one read the question and we all answered. It was fun and we got to learn new things about aech other. After we worked on poetry, which we started doing on Monday. When we finished our poems we filmed them. Then we had lunch and after lunch we divided in two groups, one went to the gym and each country prepared a game and showed it to all the others and we all played each game. A group of refugees joined us too and they showed us two of their games. The other group went to the Refugee camp and played with refugees there. After that we went to a concert in a church. A very known organist played a few wonderful songs. We also listened to a choir of previous teachers and also the teachers that teach now at the school that was hosting us. They sang beautifully. After we had dinner at which Chris showed us how to make smos and we got quite creative. Then we watched a movie about the refugees. It was a long day, but we had fun and we learned a lot. sreda2  sreda3sreda5sreda

Exchange in Belgium – Wednesday
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