Dober dan! (that’s hello in Slovenian)

Last Thursday 18th of February, to be exact 4 students from my school visited reception centre in Dobova, Slovenia.

Small city Dobova lies on the south border with Croatia. The reception centre there can accept up to 2000 people at once. There are many tents that are heated. They have a lot of food stocks and clothing. There are mostly volunteers of humanitarian organisations such as Red cross, UNICEF, Karitas and Adra. They give food to everyone that comes to centre. In one day at the biggest burden they deliverd over 5,895 warm meals, 850 kg of bread, 970 litres of tea and 130 litres of milk. There are also a lot of police officers in their own trailors. They take care that everything runns smoothly.

At the time we were there there weren’t any refugees. So we could walk through all the tents. We saw a lot of very interesting things. We went to a tent in which police officers identify every refugee that comes to the centre. There are at least 15 computers in that tent, and every computer has a  camera (so they take picture for the records) and a device for fingerprinting.

There are also tents for medical care. There are doctors that take care for the patients. But, there aren’t just Slovenian doctors and volunteers, many of them come from abroad like (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia,…).

And a lot of migrants have lost their families on the way. That’s why people in centre help them to find their families. They post posters and then people can find their family members.

We took a few photos while we were there. I will show you some, which I think that are the most interesting.

This is a special playground in the tent for children. But it was all covered up when we were there because there were no children to use it.12736798_692027950899811_309629188_o

This is how the tents look like from the outside…


…And that’s how they look inside.


UNCHR Trailor


Slovakian health care tents


When migrants come to centre they divide them in two sections the ones with passports and the ones without passports.

As I mentioned before people can find their lost families, you can see this in the picture below.


And finally I attach this picture of all the students and the teachers who visited the centre, but we aren’t alone, special “guests” wanted to take picture with us…


See you in Greece! :)

Maša Tekavčič

We visited reception centre in Dobova
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