On Thursday, our 6th day in Greece we visited all together a refugee camp in Thessaloniki.
At 8 a.m. we were picked up by a bus in front of our hotel. The travel time was about 45 minutes and we all were very exited, because we didn´t know what we will see there. Every one of us had bad pictures of the refugee situation in the head because of the media influence.Our teachers organized eight packages full of medicine, clothes and hygiene products to take into the camp as a donation.
When we arrived the police opened the gate and the bus drove into the camp. They told us that we should not take photos or videos of the refugees and the camp because of their privacy.
We gave the donation to the red cross working at the camp. Then we walked through the camp to take a look how the people live there. Some of them live in big tents but also in plastic containers.
Some of the refugees left their shoes outside of the tents because of religious reasons.
On this day it was very rainy, so all the shoes were wet.
We were also shocked that little children walked without shoes on the stony ground.
Some of the refugees didn´t noticed us but some of them were very kind and signalized us that we are welcome.
There were not the best conditions in the camp but they had stations with plugs to charge their phones and something like that, they had tents with stuff for babys and a tent for the medical care.
Our visit was over when we arrived at the tent of the medical care.
We took a photo in front of the tent but we didn´t felt good laughing after all we had seen.
We would have liked to talk with the refugees to know what they have gone through until today. But it wasn´t possible.
On the way back to school we talked about the situation in the camp and realized how much luck we have in life, it was very emotional.

The Visit of the Refugee camp in Thessaloniki