The students of our school who participate in the program EUvelopment took a ride last week on a tandem activity with some fellow students of theirs from Belgium. The whole activity focused on establishing the linguistic development of all students in English concerning vocabulary related to the Refugee Crisis. More specifically, the aim of the activity was to specify with the use of an ICT tool whether the vocabulary the students encounter in English texts about Refugees is still passive or has been activated and can be used in production.

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In the preparation stage, the Greek students formed two teams, the Design one and the Implementation team. The students of the Design team worked closely with their English teacher to decide on the linguistic items, the words that frequently appear in articles and reports about refugees. They then gave definitions for those words so as to use them as clues in a crossword puzzle with the title The Refugee Crisis. They then worked with their ICT teacher to design an online crossword puzzle to be solved in real time by both Greek and Belgium students. In the next stage, the Implementation team students met their Belgium  fellow students on Skype and participated in a crossword puzzle race.

Apart from the fun element that the activity offered, it provided both teachers and students with an evaluation opportunity on a specific English topic and an incentive to continue their vocabulary work and a promise to meet again for another tandem ride, where the Belgium students will lead this time , designing the crossword puzzle race.


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Teaching tandem Greece – Belgium