Hello! Today I’ll tell you more about three of Slovenian spring festivals.

The first one we call PUST and it is a carnival that falls every year at a different time. It depends on the Moon. We dress up as different masks and it lasts for a week, in that week there are many of carnivals where people wear all sorts of different masks.

We have two main days and these days are Sunday and Tuesday. On Tuesday it all ends. We bury Pust on Wednesday – Ash Wednesday. And Pust is gone for a year and then next year he comes back.

His task is to prosecute the winter and calls the spring.

From Ash Wednesday until Easter is fast. We don’t (aren’t supposed) to eat meat. But some people do it and some don’t, it depends, for example I do fast just to hold myself back and train my  perseverance and self – control :). It ( the fast) lasts for 40 days.

In Slovenia we have a special mask that we call KURENT (or KURANT in some places ), the costume is made of sheepskin and it has big cowbells tied around the waist. On the head it has a big mask and on legs legwarmers.

We eat donuts with appricot marmelade sprinkled with powder sugar.

Donuts or KROFI as we call them










Second is Valentine’s day – 14th February

It’s a day on which in some cultures people who are in love show their love even more than usual to their loved ones. They send postcards or buy each other gifts. It’s a Catholic holiday. In Slovenia St. Valentin had a special meaning form the beginning people also celebrated it on 14th  February and it meant that they can start with their work in vineyards and in gardens after winter. The Slovenian name for Valentine’s day is VALENTINOVO and it came to our country from the Neatherlands.

And the last one is GREGORJEVO – 12th March

It’s a holiday when birds get married. It’s a very old holiday which also cherishes the upcoming spring. In history it was known as the first day of spring.

On that day people made lanterns and float them on river. In history people said that with that day all the craftsmen stopped using lights at their work, because the day got longer.

       Lanterns with candles

All holidays are basically saying goodbye to winter and cherishing upcoming spring, but every one of them does it on its own way.

Maša Tekavčič

Spring festivals in Slovenia
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