In Slovenia we have three spring festivals. Pust, Valentine’s day and Gregorjevo.

Pust is 9th of February. That day we wear costumes, it’s just like Halloween but the purpose of Pust is to chase away the winter. We wear all kinds of costumes and we usually have a Pust parade.  One of our most famous and traditional Pust costumes is called Kurent. Kurentovanje is one of Slovenian most popular and significant carnival events.

cg_kurent Kurent – traditional Slovene Pust costume

Valentine’s day is on 14th of February.  That day we’re celebrating just like the others. Couples buy gifts to each other. That’s the day when people celebrate their love. The gifts we buy on Valentine’s day are usually chocolate, roses, hearts, teddy bears etc.

Gregorjevo is on 12th of March.  On that day couples are supposed to get married.  It’s similar to Valentine’s day. Couple’s buy gifts to each other. People, especially children make little boats or houses and in the evening they lit a candle inside and send them down the river.

640_14771Gregorjevo_06 The boats with the candles that are sent down the rivers on Gregorjevo



Spring Festivals
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