Thousands of refugees are suffering from freezing temperatures in camps across Greece as the country is experiencing a really cold winter. Temperatures have dropped to –5C on Lesbos, where authorities have struggled to cope with refugee numbers that are far beyond what they can cope with. In other parts of Greece, including the island of Crete, the  temperatures dropped to  –14C which has never happened before. Camps throughout the country have been blanketed by snow.


Everybody  is working to make certain that appropriate care  is given to those in need and to  improve the living conditions for the refugees who will remain in Greece for an indefinite period of time.

People have been given emergency kits including thermal blankets, sleeping bags, a rain coat, leggings, winter socks, a warm hat, gloves, scarf and long sleeve fleece top and work is done to upgrade the flooring and insulation in some tents to guard against the cold.



Refugees in winter