The snow in Ulsteinvik


We had a lot of snow in one week this winter. We went skiing and played in the snow. It was a very cold winter with the opportunity to make snowmen and sled with a toboggan. A large water froze and we went ice skating and others played hockey on the ice.

Two weeks ago it was a lot of snow and than the rain came and it melted away. The weather became colder and the snow came back.  We had snow for almost the whole of January and we still have much snow in the beginning of February.

The refugees in Finmark (Northern part of Norway) 

They came cycling across the border from Russia to Finmark, because the rules of the border states that no one is allowed to cross the border on foot. Finnmark is a county in Norway. Syrian refugees came cycling across the border from Russia to Finmark every day in the last months, and many of these refugees has now been sent back to Russia. Last year in 2015 there was around 5000 refugees who across the border to Norway from Russia.  Many of them seaching for visa to get into Norway. In these days here in Norway in Finmark there has been many refugees who has been sent back in buses to Russia.


The refugees in Ulsteinvik

We have a reception center here in Ulsteinvik . Here the refugees have a place to be until they get the answer to live in the city or not. Some of the students in Ulstein high school have interviewed two refugees and asked them questions about how they like to live in Ulsteinvik. The students also asked them about how they like the school environment on Ulstein high school.  Here in Ulsteinvik there is many refugees who live here and goes to school. Many of the students who goes on the primary school are refugees.

We have a volunteer center that collects ski and clothes wich asylum applicants and refugees can borrow.





Refugees in Norway