We visited the reception center for refugees in Dobova
In February our group with two teachers visited the reception center for refugees in Dobova, very close to Slovenian and Croatian border. The reception center is located in the former foundry. In the center we visited places where refugees are accepted, the police officers informed us about procedures  they use when processing newly arrived groups of refugees. All refugees who enter our country, go through the same process. The first thing they receive is health care, for those who are tired of the journey, many of them also have healthy problems (cold, flu,..)
They told us that some of them are women in high pregnancy and some of them even gave birth in the nearest hospital in Brežice. All refugees are supplied with food, drink, clothing and footwear that they can continue their journey in clean and warm clothes. For children are also available toys. Then all refugees are divided into two groups, one of them is for refugees who have documents and the another for the refugees who enter Slovenia without any identification. Each refugee gos through inspection control including the baggage. Here they also take their fingerprints. Refugees who do not fulfill the conditions for entry into our country are rejected and sent back to Croatia. Here are also different groups of volunteers who are very helpful: KARITAS, ADRA, UNICEF,…We visited the police dining room and operational headquarters, where the records of arrivals and departures of migrants and the organization of the transport and other procedures necessary for the registration and departure of refugees in Austria.
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Written by Mark Spanring

Our visit to refugee center in Dobova
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