Hello everyone it’s Slovenia calling!

It’s been a good month from our Greek journey. And we are still full of memories and under the influence of the trip.

The trip was awesome, our flights were great, the weather when we came was fine and no matter the rain, we had an amazing fun. We loved the food  that we ate. We love Thessaloniki; the city we were staying in. And the people we met there will stay in our hearts forever, we made a lot of new friends from all the countries. We were amazed by the friendliness of the Greeks, they were very nice and they were ready to help us anytime.

Like we said before we will never forget this week in Greece. We hope that we’ll see us all very soon.

With love, Slovenian team! :)

Gabriela Sirovica,  Monika Grilc, Maša Tekavčič.

Our Greek experience
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