Our primary school is situated in the south-east part of Slovenia in a small rural town called Senovo. It is attended by 248 students including students with migrant background (mostly from south Balkan countries: Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia). There is a big diversity among the pupils’ socio-economic background and family conditions. There are also some pupils who are diagnosed with dyslexia and other special educational needs.

At the moment 36 teachers teach in our school. The school is currently involved in two international projects: Eco school as the way of living (Fee and Eco Schools) and UNESCO ASP-net schools. We have also acquired the tittles of Healthy school and Cultural school. We are well equipped with ICT technology. There is a computer, a television, an interactive whiteboard as well as Wi-Fi connection in each classroom. The problem is that only a few teachers are using these equipment on regular basis.