Ogre State Gymnasium provides four educational programmes: Musical, Humanities, Maths and Technology and General Secondary. There are more than 400 students and 40 teachers in the school.

Ogre State Gymnasium serves as a center of methodology for regional schools, that means that different contests, olympiads, courses, seminars and workshops both for teachers and for students are held in the school.

Students have opportunity to develop their talents, knowledge and skills taking part in afterschool activities such as theatre, dance group, different kinds of sport, club of young geographers and others. The innovation of the educational programme for progymnasium classes is an alternative lessons on the main subjects, where students deepen their knowledge and teachers work creatively using different methods and approaches. These classes give possibility to integrate different subject and international projects into curriculum.

Teachers, working in the school, are open-minded and creative. They use all the possibilities to acquire new methods and learning tools to make teaching-learning process more efficient and motivating.