On 9th of November I went to Latvia with my schoolmate and my two teachers. We met at our school at 3:35 (in the middle of the night!!!), then my dad drove us to the airport in Ljubljana. We had a stopover in Warzsaw at around 7.30. From there we flew to Riga. We arrived to Riga at 13:10. Then we had a lot of free time. First we went to eat at the Chinese restaurant. Then we visited a few gift shops. There were a lot of beautiful things. At 20:15 we met other students from other countries. We took the bus to the airport, where we picked up our suitcases. After that, the bus took us to Ogre. In front of the school we met our hosts. It was a bit dark, but I didn’t have problem finding him. Then he took me to his home. I was a bit sleepy so I took a shower and I went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up at 10 am. Then we went to school (we were a bit late, but it was ok). We had a presentations about apps, which are we using in our schools. At 12:30 we had lunch. It was delicious. Then we worked in groups and after that some Latvian students took us on the tour of Ogre. Later I met my host in the school and after that we went to dinner in a restaurant called Niko. After dinner we went to a bar where were also other students. And then we went to a house party. We played cards and we listened to music. That night I went to sleep at midnight.

On Friday we met at school and that day was a celebration. We were passing a Latvian flag and a mayor had a speech. After that we had a presentation about refugee statics in each country. Then we worked in groups in a workshop about perfect integration model. At 13:30 we had lunch, it was great. Then we had a volleyball tournament, it was really fun. Then we went to the hall, where deputy mayoress granted us certificates. After that the students danced the traditional Latvian dances. Then I went to the bar with my host and with other students and we played pool games. That night I went to sleep late.

On Saturday we went to the Old Riga, where we had a sightseeing tour. After that me and two more guys went back to Ogre. Then we had lunch. After lunch me and my host went to his home, where we played video games. At 16:00 we went to the hockey game. And then my host and his parents invited me to pizzeria. After that they took me to the tower, where we could see whole Ogre and Riga. After that we went to my host’s home. We thought that we will play computer games until 3:00 in the morning. But we were so tired, that we went to sleep. I woke up at three in the morning and then I meet my schoolmate and my two teachers. And then we went back to Slovenia. I really appreciate what my host and his parents did for me and I’m really thankful. I really enjoyed in Latvia and I hope, that there will be opportunity, that I could visit Latvia again.

My trip to Latvia
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