Saturday, all students met at the railway station to take the train to Riga. When we arrived in Riga, we got divided in groups and went on a tour in this beautiful city. At first, our terrific guides of Latvia showed us some monuments that are very well known in this city. Then, we visited a museum and afterwards we saw the huge mall that the guides took us to. After that, some of us, me in particular, got very hungry so the Latvian guides took us to this very nice restaurant where we all sat and ordered something local food to eat. So after this lovely meal, we visited a very beautiful church. The paintings of this church amazed me so much that I wanted to stay longer to observe it very well. I wanted to take pictures to show these to the people in Belgium but it wasn’t allowed. I noticed that the peple in Latvia are very religious, which I really liked about them. In the evening, Mo and I met up with our host and went to see more of this beautiful city. I really liked Riga, to the point that I didn’t want to leave until I’d seen every single thing which makes this city magnificent. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Still, I have seen some things that I will never forget. Hopefully, some day I will return. I shall never forget this experience. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Raïd Hassan


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My experience in Latvia – Saturday