My experience in Latvia was really great! The people were very kind and nice. I stayed with Valeria. She and her family were very heart-warming. I felt at home with them. Friday was a kind of national day for them. We started the day with passing a big Latvian flag through the streets. All teachers and students from the schools came together for this special event. The headmaster gave a beautiful speech in front of the school. Next we had workshops where we talked about the refugees. Every country told about the situation of the refugees in their country. We sat together in groups to present the perfect integration model. We ate lunch at the school around half 1. In the afternoon we played volleybal in different groups.  After that we were surprised with a performance of the students. They sang and danced for us. We also had to dance with them. In the evening there was a ceremony with flaming torches. It was amazing to watch the people unite for this special day. We came together with most of the exchange students and their hosts to celebrate. This project was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it all over again! I met new friends, learnt about a different culture and my English improved.

Emma Kestens, Belgium

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My experience in Latvia, Friday