On Monday we went to school. We met with Chris there, who is the Belgium coordinator and we sang European hymn with him. Then we went on a tour of the school. After that we had a little break and then we went on a tour with apps in Sint-Niklaas. We saw a lot of interesting things like the biggest square in Belgium and city hall in Sint-Niklaas. Before city hall we saw the statue of Saint Nicholas. After that we went to the wedding hall in city hall. It is very beautiful. In the city hall we a had a short break too. We ate some snacks and had a drink. Then we went back to the school. We had lunch. We ate soup, sandwich and ice-cream. After lunch we watched the cartoons prepared by all partner countries. We also presented our cartoon. When we finished with it we started preparing the stalls. We had “Mini Market”. We prepared some delicious food, which is typically for our country. Every country did the same. We tried food of other countries and other countries tried ours. After that we went home with our host families.

Exchange in Belgium – Monday
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