Erasmus+ is a project that is held every year and which our school is part of each year.

This year it was held in our country, and students from 6 different countries joined us.


Marco and I found this experience very enriching. We learned a lot about the different countries and their respective cultures, but we also talked about the refugee crisis. The workshops we participated in were very interesting, although we didn’t always like having to work in separate groups but as soon as our activities were over we were able to join up again so it wasn’t that much of a problem. We would have liked the groups to have been switched from time to time  so we got the chance to work with other people as well.


The week passed quickly and we made a lot of new friends. And to this day, we still speak to a lot of them through the internet. Some of them are even planning to go on a trip to Frankfurt to visit some of the German students because they live the closest to our country.


The tour guides that we prepared weren’t as much fun as some of the other things that we did, but they obviously are part of the process. It wasn’t that fun since we aren’t used to speaking for such a large audience, which caused a lot of nerves for a lot of us.


Throughout the week, we unfortunately still had some classes to attend to. We feel like they could have easily replaced these classes with more workshops since these classes weren’t vital or meaningful.

Marco and Bente

Meeting in Belgium – General