by Kristina & Raid

The last day of the amazing week of Erasmus+, we were at school as usual in the morning. There, we had some workshops. The Erasmus students went to Antwerp with some of the other Belgian students. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to join them because we had lessons at school, so there is not much we can say about this trip.

When they returned in the evening, the teachers organised a gathering of all the Erasmus students and teachers to thank everyone for the amazing week we had in Belgium. In the evening we had a nice meal at school provided by the Belgian teachers. They were very considerate because they made sure that all the students who were muslim or vegetarian only ate halal meat or vegetables that were provided with it. We really enjoyed the lovely meal. Afterwards, gifts were handed out from all the seven countries, but unfortunately only for the teachers. For example, Mr. Van Cauwenberg, who you all know as Chris, received a pair of colourful socks which we really enjoyed watching. Everyone laughed and had a good time. We didn’t even realise how time just flew by really fast. Before we realised, it was 12 o’clock and everyone had to leave. But for some of us ( some of the Erasmus hosts and students) the night was still very young and we weren’t planning on calling it a night. So some decided to go to a bar and sit with each other, have a drink and enjoy our last moments together. Others had to go home and prepare for their flight back.

Meeting in Belgium – day 5