On Thursday we went to visit Mechelen, a very interesting city. It’s a beautiful city with many historical stories.

In the morning when we arrived in Mechelen the ERASMUS+ students went to Kazerne Dossin. Kazerne Dossin is a transit camp that was used by the Germans to collect Jews and Gypsies and transit them to Auschwitz during the 2nd World War.
The students of 5ST were guiding the city with Mr Van Cauwenberg and Mr Van den Branden. We guided the Sint-Rombouts tower, Sint-Janskerk, The Great Bridge, Het Stedenhuis, …  With this we learned more about Mechelen, it was very interesting.   We went to see the Sint-Rombouts tower from close.  We climbed 538 steps up so we could enjoy the beautiful view on top of the tower. This was a very unique experience because we can’t see something like that every day.   What struck us all is that Mechelen is a very large and beautiful city. One bummer was that the weather was very cold but our visit to the local brewery made it all good. We were allowed to briefly rest and have a drink. The people who wanted could also taste a delicious local beer.   When all this was over we took the bus back home. Everyone was very tired from the long but very fine day.

Amber & Nesrine

Meeting in Belgium – day 4