We started the day by gathering in the meeting room. There we were informed about what we were going to do on Wednesday. Then we were divided into our groups. We did some activities with the OKAN-class for example teaching them words from other languages or speed dating to get to know everyone. At 10 ‘o clock we ate some ‘koffiekoeken’. Then we continued the activities.

When everyone was hungry when it was midday, we received a workshop ‘How to make a smos’. After we ate we were divided into two different groups. One group went to Westakkers to go to a refugee camp and the other group had to play games with refugees in our school’s gym. Every country had to prepare a game. We were again divided into different groups in which there was a student from every country.

The two groups gathered at school and when everyone was present, we went to the church for a special concert. The concert was a surprise because we thought it was going to be someone who would be singing but it was someone playing on an organ. The concert was inspiring and when it ended we went back to school to eat a typical Belgian delicacy. It was ‘Stoofvlees met frietjes’ and it was delicious. After we ate we watched a movie about refugees, Problemski Hotel. It was an exhausting day but we had fun. We all said goodbye to each other. We were all happy to be home and that we could go to sleep.

Julie & Kiana

Meeting in Belgium – day 3