Another meeting has passed, but we still recall our memories spent in Erasmus+ project seminar.

In our international meeting participated 21 student un 17 teachers from various European countries:Germany,Belgium,Italy,Slovenia,Greece and Norway.
The winter days from 9th to 13th of November went in full action. In the first days all project members presented their prepared materials about refugee situation in their country, city and school, participated in discussions to resolve political,economic problems and improve overall situation. Also everyone gave their recommended path of action to help refugees. In workshops groups were given a task to make a perfect refugee political hosting model.

Because the time was limited, we already had prepared routes for guides in school and town of Ogre, to show our significant objects, which are impacted by the towns history and even legends. Our guests also went to Ogres other educational facilities like Jaunogres middleschool and Ogres technical school. Sunday was “Family day” in which the guests had the opportunity to spend time with hosts and their families to find out more about latvian tradions. Also we visited Latvia’s infamous Old Riga in which we were greeted by elegance and charisma of Art Noveu architecture.

This project participants also were accompanied by Latvia’s day of honor for the fallen, in which we all partook in patriotic event- latvian flag honoring. In the evening there was a bigger event “Torch march” in which most of Ogres population joined. So our guests could see a glimpse of how important patriotism is to Latvians.


The end event of international meeting was emotional to all of us, in which Ogres primary school and gymnasium dance colletives gave us classical latvian dance performances and everyone was thanked for their work and input in this project.

New friends, expierence, culture and positive memories all of this was given thanks to Erasmus+ project, so we want to thank all the teachers and organisators for making all of this possible!

Now let’s make this year an even greater one for Erasmus+!

Students of Latvia.

Meeting at Latvia,Ogre