Interview with refugees at our school


Since the theme is refuguees we have interviewed two girls who attend our school. The girls are  Rawan and Kiebat.

Rawan is 16 years old and she comes from Syria. She fled from war and misery. They didn’t have food or water.

Rawan have two sisters and two brothers. Their religion is Islam and Christianity. They have their own culinary tradition and there is a big difference between the food in Norway and Syria. They eat a lot of meat but not pork.

She came to Norway 18 of August 2014 and has been her for one year. Rawan was 15 years old when she came to Norway and she likes to live in Norway. The thing she likes the most with Norway is that there is peace and it has a good environment. She learned a lot Norwegian in upper secondary school.

Kiebat is 21 years old and she comes from Eritrea. She is Catholic and she had no problem with school from primary school to secondary school, but when she was to apply for upper secondary school she has to talk with the government in Eritrea. You must have good enough grades to get in to high school.

She came to Norway in August 2014 as a 20 years old girl and has lived here for 1 year and 4 months. She had a job in Eritrea with little payment and used all of her money on a cell phone card. The best thing with Norway is that it is safe to live here, you can become what you want and you have free choices.

Written by Anna and Vendela from team Norway


Interview with refugees at our school