We all experienced our trips differently, but I’m sure we faced some similarities as well. So I’ve asked what they’re left behind with, and here are their answers.

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear Erasmus+?

Anna: I think about working with people from different countries.

Ingvild: The first thing I think about is all the good memories.

Emilie: Lots of stuff! Amazing experience, great people, my Greek family, unforgettable memories, and good friends across borders.

Vendela: The first thing that pops into my mind is that you get the chance to know people from other countries.

Julie: I think about a week full of impressions. I learned so much and met so many nice persons.

Khyle: A lot of good memories simultaneously comes to my mind every time I hear that word, all of them filled with happiness.

Is there something that surprised you about the trip?

Anna: No, nothing really surprised me.

Ingvild: It suprised me that I meet so many great people and made a lot of new memories!

Emilie: Not any big surprises, not really. But maybe how good I got along with my host family, they treated me like I truly was a part of the family. They were so kind!

Vendela: Nothing really surprised me about the trip, but there was so many kind people.

Julie: How open everyone participating was! When I first meet them, I got shocked because they kissed my cheek, instead of shaking my hand. I think Norwegians could learn this.

Khyle: I was surprised by how fast time flew! The days went by so fast; I kept wishing it wouldn’t end so soon.

Next year there would be other ones participating in the project, is there something you want to tell them?

Anna: I would like to tell them that it is an experience for life. It’s very funny to talk with others, learn about their culture and practicing English.

Ingvild: I would tell them to enjoy every day with the people you meet, because it will probably be a long time until you’ll see them again.

Emilie: If you don’t want to go, I can take your place, no, only joking, well partly, haha! It will be an amazing trip, and you will never forget it! Just don’t stress, everything will be just fine.

Vendela: It is a life experience and it is fun to get to know people from other countries.

Julie: Don’t be shy, because the others participating isn’t. Enjoy your trip and make a lot of memories.

Khyle: Enjoy every single moment of it, because before you know it the trip is over and you don’t want to go home again!

If you have to pick one memory from the trip, what would that be?

Anna: The memory from the trip I remember the most is when we visited the refugee camp and that I met so many amazing people from the other countries.

Ingvild: The “goodbye dinner”. It was fun, but also very sad to say goodbye to everyone!

Emilie: Only one memory? That’s a hard one! Hmm… It must be after the goodbye dinner! It was really sad, but also sort of nice. Because everyone was hugging (and I’m a hugger, I love hugs!) and telling how much we would miss each other. But that night we also promised to meet again.

Vendela: If I had to pick one memory from the trip, it would be all the nice people we met and of course, the whole trip itself.

Julie: The first evening at the school. Everyone learned a traditional Greek dance and we ate a lot of great food, especially the cheesecake. If some knows who made the it, please send me the recipe.

Khyle: I have a lot of special memories from the trip, but I would have to say that our visit to the refugee camp impacted me the most. It was an eye-opening experience that I won’t ever forget.

Interview – The trip to Greece