We all experienced our trips differently, but I’m sure we faced some similarities as well. So I’ve asked what they’re left behind with, and here are their answers.

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear Erasmus+?

Ariell: The first thing that pops in my mind when I hear the word Erasmus+ is my trip to Germany and the great people I met there.

Christina: The first thing that pops into my head is what a wonderful experience it is to be a part of this project. We didn’t only get a chance to learn more about the refugee crisis we have at hand, but we also got the chance to make new friends.

Bernhard: The first thing I think about when I hear that word is international cooperation.

Martinus: The first thing that I think is traveling. It’s all about meeting new people and communication across borders.

Next year there would be new ones participating in the project, is there something you want to tell them?

Ariell: I want to tell them that this is an amazing project, and that they should be open to meet people with different backgrounds and cultures. The trip was really fun and exciting.

Christina: The only thing I want to tell to those who are participating next year is to be opened minded.

Bernhard: You should really look forward to it. I had a great time, got a lot of new friend and learned so much.

Martinus: For the people who will participate next year; the project will require a lot of work, but in the end it will pay off as you learn and meet a lot of people.

Is there something that surprised you about the trip?

Ariell: What surprised me most about the trip? I am not sure, probably how close I became with my host family in Germany and how much I miss them.

Christina: The thing that surprised me the most was how different our cultures were.

Bernhard: The thing that surprised me was all the work afterwards, but it was still fun.

Martinus: What surprised me about the trip was the fact that so many people from so many countries participated in this project. It was really cool learning about different cultures and lifestyles.

If you have to pick one memory from the trip, what would that be?

Ariell: My favorite memory was when I first met Betül and her family (my host family)! They were so nice and welcoming, and they couldn’t make my trip any better.

Christina: If I have to pick one memory from the trip, it would be when we went bowling. We got to meet new people, and I had a lot of fun.

Bernhard: The “farewell dinner.” We ate together with everyone participating, and it was nice spending the evening like that. It was a bit sad as well, because it was actually the last night.

Martinus: The best thing about the project, and undoubtedly my best memory, is the people. You meet so many friendly people, and I formed new friendships. It was an amazing experience to become friends with someone, in such a short period of time.

Interview – The trip to Germany