My time in Belgium!

The stay in Belgium was amazing. In the week, where I stayed in Belgium, I had a real good time. The people there were amazing and I never had better time while I stayed out of Germany.

What was the best thing there?

I think I would say that the best thing there were the people, who also were a part of “Erasmus+”. Everyone was warm hearted and everyone was happy to be there. I’m so happy that I had the chance to be a part of this great project too! Whereelse can I find people of other countries, having the will to talk to you about their culture and country. It was really interesting to hear the different stories of the persons, staying there too.IMG_20170212_225930_659

Warm hearted? What do you mean with that?

Actually, It has been two weeks now since we went back to Germany again. We, the students of this project, opened a chat group to stay in contact. Through this group, we have the possibility to get know each other more then we did in Sint Niklaas. Through this opportunity I still have the chance to chat with members of this project. Everyone is still happy to talk with me, no matter if we haven’t seen us for two weeks now or not. They still talk to you like they did when I was in Belgium. But they were warm hearted in Belgium too! Everyone talked to you, like they were the best friend you ever had. It was great to get to know the different personalities of the persons. I stayed at a beautiful morrocan / iraqi family. The mother talked with me and treated me like a own child.

Would you go back to Belgium to see them?

I would love to! I decided to meet up with the germans with all the belgium students again. I would love to see them all again. I’m still missing everyone I met.

Are you glad that you participated with this project?

Actually, yes! I think I won’t get a chance like this again! Talking english is fun for me. It makes me happy to meet persons, who just are like you. Whenever I think back at the time where we were in Belgium, I’m having all the funny moments I had there still in my Mind!


Written by Selim


How Belgium was? Amazing!