Hello Erasmus-Community!

On Saturday morning our journey to Greece started very early and everyone was so excited. We arrived the sunny  Thessaloniki and we were so happy to feel the sun on our faces. The first night all german students stayed in an Hotel and explored the city.

The next day some of us came in their host families. The whole day we were talking with our host families to get to know better about each other. At the evening we were at a dinner in an very nice restaurant. It was a very awesome day!

So, it was monday and the real journey got started. It was our first day in school and we met all other students from the Erasmus-project from the other countries. To get to know better about the other students we played an game which was really funny. The next point in the programm was that every country had to hold an presentation about their cultural prejudices. In the evening there was an little “Welcome-Party” for all the students and teachers too. There were so many traditional greek food which tastes very good!

So the first day in Greece went to the end with many new friends and an full stomach with delicious greek food.

First day in Greece!