On Friday we came in school at 8. 15 and we went to a meeting room where we devided  into our groups. Every group was working on a different application. When we were done, we finished our poems and then we filmed them. After that we had lunch in the meeting room where we had presentations of the apps that we were working on in the morning. After lunch and presentations we went to Antwerp. First we went to museum Red star line and then we went in almost the biggest shopping street in Belgium. WE had free time so we could buy some souvenirs. After two hours we went to the bus station and we took a bus to Sint – Niklaas. We went “home” to change our clothes in nice dresses and then we had our last dinner in Belgium. There was some music so we could dance and sing and just having fun with our new friends. We were playing on the piano and we sang Happy Birthday to our new friend Hayrettin from German team. At the end of this day, every student got a cup and an “Erasmus flower”. And then we said goodbye to everyone and went home with our hosts.

Nina, Senovo, Slovenia


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Exchange in Belgium – Friday
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