Erasmus+, Thessaloniki 2016

How did you feel before the trip? Were you excited? Happy? Nervous? I think we can all agree that we all felt a little bit nervous before the trip. Well, at least that’s how most of us from the Norwegian team felt. A lot of us were, of course, very excited to meet all the new people from other countries, and we were also looking forward to spending time together with them. I’m pretty sure almost all of us weren’t able to sleep properly the night before our flight- that’s how excited we were! This trip has offered us an amazing opportunity to become friends with amazing people from all over the world and create unforgettable memories with them, visit new places, and learn things that we will always carry with us in our hearts and minds. We are all more than happy that we grabbed this opportunity and were able to be a part of a journey as wonderful as this.

The trip was a mixture of fun and enlightenment. We had a tour around the beautiful city of Thessaloniki and learned about its history, we went to a school in Kalamaria called 1o EPAL Kalamaria for a couple of days wherein we got to mingle with the students who went there. We also visited historical places such as the Archaeological Museum of Pella and the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai. However, there was one particular visit that, in my opinion, made the strongest impression and was certainly one of the most unforgettable part of the trip: our visit to the refugee camp. The current migration in Europe was very central in this trip, and we spent a lot of time together at the school learning and discussing about this very important topic. We brought with us some items that Red Cross had suggested, such as baby products and medical supplies, and we were able to look around and see how the surroundings were inside the camp. It was definitely one of those «eye-opening» experiences, and we are very fortunate to have been given that chance.

As you probably already understand by now, we all enjoyed the trip, and we all have nothing but beautiful memories of it. However, I was curious about what my team-mates think was the best part of the trip, and here are their answers:

Anna: “Meeting all the other students from different countries, and our visit to the refugee camp.”

Emilie: “There were so many great parts about the trip, but I must say meeting all the great people! I miss them a lot!”

Ingvild: “The best part was definitely meeting everyone!”

Julie: “Meeting all the lovely people, and getting to know more about their cultures.”

Vendela: “Being able to meet all the nice people we met and becoming friends with them.”

There are not enough positive words to describe it. It was very special, and the memories we got to make in this Eramus+ trip have a very special place in our hearts. The people we met, the places we visited, the conversations we shared, the food we ate, the late night walks around the beautiful city of Thessaloniki- all of it was simply special.


Khyle, Team Norway

Erasmus+, Thessaloniki, “some thoughts from Norway”