Hey erasmus community,
on wednesday we drove with a trip bus to a museum, in which alexander the great’s grave is, also his son’s and really much amazing antique things which are hard to count and remind the names of. The museum itself was really huge! and was underground so everything was dark, except the items and thr ways in it which were highlighted with light.
We went there with a guide, who stopped next to every item and told the history about them, but the most important ones were the graves and how they were made.
Unfortunately taking pictures was not allowed so I can’t add pictures in this post. We were there like 2 hours I think.
After the tour through the museum we went back to the trip bus, where we could also buy some great souvenirs.
As everyone met at the bus we drove back to Thessaloniki.
I appreciate the whole greece trip, it was amazing!

[Erasmus+] Greece trip