Diary of my days in Germany

We first met our hosts at a train station in Heilbronn. My host’s name was Florian and he was 18 years old. After the germans and we norwegians had talked together for a while, we each went to our host’s home. Florian drove me home and I got to see his mom and his house for the first time. Both of them were very kind. Since there was no extra bedroom for guests, I had to sleep in Florian’s room. Then we brushed our teeth and went to bed

The next day we woke up at about half past seven so we could get the train. We took the train to Heilbronn, and walked to school. There Florian followed me to where we were going. After getting some information about the project, all countries had its own presentation about their country. After that, Florian and most of the germans had to go to their classes. After school we Norwegians, our hosts and some other people went to bowling. There were Norwegians, Greeks and Latvians. We played three rounds and it was a lot of fun.

The third day. After we were done at working on the project at school, we went home to our hosts. Florian and I stayed home for an hour or so, before we went with car to an ice hockey match. Florian needed some new skis, so before going to the match, we went by a thrift store. Afterwards we headed towards the match, where we met the other Norwegians, our hosts, and two of the hosts friends. There were two rounds per match, and one round lasted for half an hour. In between the matches there was a fifteen minute break. During the break and the matches, you could buy hot food, beer etc. This was a very new and exciting experience, as I’ve never before been to an ice hockey match.


The fourth day was the last day of the project. After learning how to write a blog at school, we went to a restaurant. The project had arranged a dinner for everybody included in the project. We had a chance to meet all the people and it was great.


Written by Martinus Teige

Diary of my days in Germany