The 27th of January there was a mass demonstration in the capital of Norway, Oslo. At 17.30, people marched with torches and banners from the central station towards the Parliament. They all had one common goal, one common purpose and one common case worth fighting for; protecting the right to seek asylum.

As its written on their page “UNHCR states that Norway violates basic Human Rights and international asylum rules by sending asylum seekers back without individual consideration of applications”. Therefore, the group, “Refugees welcome to Norway”, started a happening on their Facebook page, so the message would get to the people. And it certainly did.

There were several appellants, from political parties and other organizations. Such as Audun Lysbakken (SV, political party), Rune Berglund Steen (Anti Racism-Centre) and Ingvild Gjone Lyberg (Amnesty) are just a few of the appellants that spoke up at the demonstration. We hope that this will open the eyes of the government, and that there will be a change as soon as possible.

Demonstration in the Capital