God jul!

Jul or Christmas is a very special time in Norway. The cities are filled with beautiful bright lights and decorations, people are busy buying gifts for their family and friends, and homes are filled with the sweet aroma of freshly baked julemenn and pepperkake. Just like every other country, Norway has its own Christmas traditions and I’m going to share some of them with you. Let’s start with the part I enjoy the most: food!

In Norway we have multiple types of deserts, cakes, and cookies which are made especially to be enjoyed during Christmas. Julemenn (butter cookies) and pepperkake (gingerbread) are two examples of cookies that remind you the of spirit of Christmas whenever you see them in Norway since they are only sold during this time of year- which makes them even more special! They are formed as different shapes that we associate with Christmas, like for example hearts, christmas trees, stars, and angels. Another example of a traditional Christmas desert here in Norway is riskrem: a type of sweet rice pudding served cold with strawberry sauce. It is normally served as one of the deserts during Christmas eve after having julemiddag or Christmas dinner.

A famous Christmastime superstition is about a small gnome or elf called nisse or julenisse who is believed to guard all the farm animals ,and if you don’t place a special pooridge for the nisse, he will play tricks on you. Now, we might have different ways of celebrating Christmas, your traditions are most probably very different compared to our’s or maybe it is very alike ours’, but I think that we can all agree that Christmas is all about sharing love to peace and love to everyone around us. God jul!


Written by Khyle Garcia

Christmas in Norway