16145229_10211816927196937_1721317210_oHi, I’m from the Slovenian team. At the beginning of this school year we got a very special visit. Two refugees came to visit us – David and Shani. Shani came from Syria and David came from Africa. First we met Shani and she was very nice. She drew on our hands with henna art and she also spoke Slovenian, which was very impressive for someone who came from Syria. Then we met David. He was doing some acrobatics. He juggled with hoops, bowling pins and even hats. He could even do a presshandstand. We were all amazed by his performance. We communicated with him in Englis, which was very good, because we could practice our English. At the end we played a board game with our teacher. The game was about  what would we do if we were refugges and in which country would we go if we had to run away. I think that it was a great day16145592_10211816931917055_1575425647_o  and that we learned a lot about the refugees.

A very special visit on our school
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